President's Message


​Learn about other great opportunities and events for women lawyers by clicking here, including the Women's Bar Foundation's Annual Scholarship Luncheon on October 24, 2014.  

Meet our new Officers and Directors, sworn-in at the WBAI Centennial Celebration.    
See the documentary made for the WBAI's Centennial Gala.                        

The Women's Bar Association of Illinois was founded in 1914 by nine Chicago women lawyers.  Its charter was issued on June 23, 1914 with the stated purpose "to promulgate, promote, advance and protect the interests of women lawyers in the State of Illinois..."  The formation of the WBAI followed closely on the heels of the 1913 Illinois law that gave women the right to vote in presidential and municipal elections.  2014-2015 marks the WBAI's 100th anniversary!

Presenting members of the WBAI's 2014 Race Judicata Team, great job ladies!

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